Summer Solstice, 2022

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Winter Solstice, 2021

First Prize with Special Mention “San Vigilio” - ROME

Roma, 19 June 2020.

With the rap-song “Tacchi a spillo”, result of the Creative Workshop of Composition 2019/2020 based on The Archaic Melody®, professor Giovanna Conti and her students won the First Prize with Special Mention “for creativity” at the X National Musical Prize “San Vigilio in…Canto” in Roma.

Online Conference - Usa GNM

USAGNM Online, February 2020.

This link brings to a few minutes video where Giovanna Conti introduces the criteria of The Biological Meaning of Music to the group USAGNM. The comparative criteria are shown in her book The Biological Meaning of Music from the Point of View of the Germanic New Medicine, Amici di Dirk Verlag, NO,2009).           THE COMPLETE CONFERENCE SOON PUBLISHED!

Festival of Archaic Melodies in Erlangen

Erlangen, May 17, 2019. Giovanna Conti launched the Festival of Archaic Melodies with the an inaugural concert and enchanting the audience coming from all over Europe. The Festival celebrates the birthday of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, born on May 17, 1935 in Krefeld, Germany, and passed away on July 2, 2017 in Sandefjord, Norway. The musical event has taken place at the « Kosbacher » right after the commemoration ceremony held at the cemetery where Dr. Hamer

Hamer is buried. Giovanna Conti interpreted Bach, Chopin, Liszt and Debussy according to the criteria of the Biological Meaning of Music®, now Archaic Melody®, also playing Haydn, Mozart and Mein Studentenmädchen, the well-known Dr Hamer’s song. The music was alternated with introductory texts written by the musician herself.

(Italian language only)

Presentation at the Saint Anselm’s Church - Vancouver

Vancouver, August 18, 2018. Giovanna Conti presents the Biological Meaning of Music with a lecture-concert at the Saint Anselm’s Church in the Vancouver’s UBC. Performing at the piano, Giovanna Conti showed the

amazing connections between SBS programs, their relative archaic melodies and the masterworks by some great classical composers. After the activation of different SBS programs, most gifted composers unconsciously apply the Five Biological Laws to music, converting their biological conflicts to notes!

Toronto International Conference of GNM

(Italian language only)

Toronto, November 1-6, 2017. Giovanna Conti with  Caroline Markolin and Dr Alvin De Leon at the Montecarlo Inns in Vaughan, during the « International Conference of Germanic New Medicine ».

The Archaic Melody®, shown here by Giovanna Conti and copyrighted together with Dr Hamer, is based on the comparison between music and The Five Biological Laws. People from 12 different Countries of the 5 Continents enthusiastically joined and enjoyed the Conference. ¡Viva la Medicina Sagrada!

Recital at the San Francis Hall - Bardi

(Italian language only)

Bardi, August 12, 2016. Giovanna Conti plays Fryderyk Chopin, Franz Liszt and Claude Debussy according to the criteria of Phenomethology of Music and the Archaic Melody®.

Concert at the Verdi Theatre - Busseto

(Italian language only)

Busseto, March 26, 2016. Giovanna Conti with the Jazz Art Orchestra and Carlo Gelmini on the stage of « Verdi Theatre ». An released version by Roberto Sansuini for piano and Big Band of Gershwin « Rhapsody in Blue » has been performed according to the criteria of the Archaic Melody®. Conti also played Liszt « Paraphrase on Rigoletto » and Debussy prelude from « Suite Bergamasque ».

Lecture-concert in Philadelphia (USA)

(Italian language only)

Philadelphia, August 21, 2015. Giovanna Conti (right: with Th.M. Margery Thomas; above: on the stage of the ReNew Life Healing Center, Philadelphia) presents her English book « Phenomethology of Music.  Man and His Archaic Melody®: A Phenomemon within Phenomena). During the lecture-concert, Conti showed how to find the Five Biological Laws out from musical works by Chopin and Debussy, and how to apply the Archaic Melody® criteria to playing piano.

Concert at the Carmine Concert Hall - Parma

(Italian language only)

Parma, October 18, 2014. Giovanna Conti on the stage of « Carmine Concert Hall » with the Jazz Art Orchestra and Carlo Gelmini. Conti performed Gershwin « Rhapsody in Blue » and music from Porgy and Bess - such as I Loves You Porgy with Carla Bonati (vocalist) and Rebecca Magri (drums) - applying the criteria of the Archaic Melody® to performing music.

(Italian language only)

Forlì, April 30, 2014. Giovanna Conti explains how to detect those conflicts occurred to composers (like  Debussy, Piazzolla and Scelsi) and running as SBS programs, then converted to music. Conti performs with Cristina Roffi (saxophones). Composers’ biography is considered from the point of view of the Archaic Melody®, which allows to understand their urge of reproducing a biological development.

Lecture-concert on Breathing at the San Francis Hall

Bardi, December 20, 2013. At the eve of winter solstice, Giovanna Conti shows how even breathing is linked to the great  biphasic “breathe” of the Cosmos, the same as SBS programs. Conti explains how composers convert it to music. She plays Gershwin, Arlen, Piazzolla and Molinelli with Cristina Roffi (sax).

Two pianos lecture-concert at the San Francis Hall

(Italian language only)

September 6, 2013. Giovanna Conti presents her recently published book « Phenomethology of Music » playing « Mozart Concert K488 » and Gershwin « Rhapsody in Blue » with Claudio Cirelli.

« Phenomethology of Music »  presented at Fiaccadori Book Shop

Parma, Novembre 23, 2012. The recently published Giovanna Conti’s book « Fenometologia della Musica »  (Azzali Editore, Parma, 2012) is presented by Sebastiano Rolli, conductor and author by Azzali as well. Rolli and Conti show the criteria of the Archaic Melody®.

First lecture-concert about Phenomethology of Music

Bardi, July 2012. At the San Francis Hall, Giovanna Conti presents the results of her new research, summarized in the Italian book « Fenometologia della Musica. L’uomo e la sua Melodia Arcaica® ». The book focuses on piano technique and Human Ethology. Conti shows the way how pianists need to ritualize on the piano those behavioral archaic models belonging to the human species and developing along with the archaic melodies peculiar to their SBS programs.

Behavioral models such as anger, instinct of escape, parental caring, are ritualized on the keyboard by the interpreter and follow the same development of those SBS programs that inspires the composer - as it already resulted from the comparison between music and the Five Biological Laws (see the first essay « The Biological Meaning of Music® »).

“The Biological Meaning of Music” -Sandefjord -Norvegia

Sandefjord, August 2009.

At the eve of the opening of the Universitet Sandefjord for den Germanske Nye Medisin, Naturlik Kunst og Livsstil, Giovanna Conti and Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer talk about the future of the Archaic Melodies®.

Here, the freshly published book by Giovanna Conti, The Biological Meaning of Music from the Point of View of the Germanic New Medicine, Amici di Dirk Verlag, NO, 2009) is in the focus.

Dr Hamer praises Giovanna Conti and invites her to develop the research.

Karlsruhe, October 9, 2009. For the first time in absolute,  Giovanna Conti and Helmut Pilhar present The Biological Meaning of Music® in the form of lecture-concert. Animated graphs developed along with the live music, showing the SBS program “hidden” in music. Giorgio Tosi (composer and pianist) and Cristina Roffi (vocalist) performed with Giovanna Conti in Mozart’s Concert K488, Chopin’s Nocturne, unreleased Tosi’s works and Dr Hamer’s famous song, « Mein Studentenmädchen ».

“Per una Musica Biologicamente Sensata” - Alhaurín - Spagna

Alhaurín el Grande, Spain, 2007.

Giovanna Conti presents book: The Biological Meaning of Music from the Point of View of the Germanic New Medicine. Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer introduces and interviews the authoress, showing the system at the base of this essay, which is the result of a deep comparative study between Music and Germanic New Medicine: the Five Biological Laws of GNM, whose he is “father”. Giovanna Conti shows with graphs, scores and audio recordings how the music strictly follows and repeats the biological and meaningful processes (SBS programs) then “converted” to notes by composers of all times.

Here, Giovanna Conti and Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer together take the first steps and trace the path to the Archaic Melodies®!