The Biological Meaning of Music from the Point of View of the Germanic New Medicine

Amici di Dirk-Ediciones de la Nueva Medicina, ES, 2008

Professor Helmut Calgéer, head of the Music Department at the University of Tübingen (DE) makes a statement about  The Biological Meaning of Music.

« Something almost unbelievable has happened: Music and GNM are bound by a natural law!

Music encloses the Five Biological Natural Laws of the GNM: better, Music contains 5 iron laws! Until now, we couldn't figure out such unimaginable condition, and if we can share it today, this is due to young Italian pianist Giovanna Conti.

In this study we can see, for instance, that the 4 different movements of a Symphony represent 4 different Significant Biological Special Programs expressed by the author: i.e. composers choose to write through notes rather than words their own biological conflicts! From there, thanks to the Five Biological Natural Laws discovered in Music, also Dance, Poetry, Sculpture and Painting gain an exciting new dimension!

The Five Biological Natural Laws of the GNM have demolished barriers between the art of music and the Natural Sciences: a new cosmic dimension is disclosing in front of us! »

From the preface by Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer


Phenomethology of Music. Man and His Archaic Melody: A Phenomenon within Phenomena

Azzali, Parma, 2013

« When breaking the dams of the so-called “science” (without conscience), all knowledge and insights can spreads out, allowing new connections between fantastic and scientific methods.

In this new work, Giovanna links the teachings of his father, Beniamino Conti - «If you really want to understand how things work, never forget that we live within a magnetic field» - with the German New Medicine, the heritage of Caramuta and her own musical experience. And there's also a “walk” among the stars...»

From the preface by Giuseppe Sartori

(Italian language only)