« Music contains 5 iron laws! Until now, we couldn't figure out such unimaginable condition, and if we can share it today, this is due to young Italian pianist Giovanna Conti. She studied passionately and noticed that most classical works keep up with the Five Biological Natural Laws of the GNM!

As Giovanna is the only musician who has totally understood the GNM, nobody else could have made this extraordinary discovery. »

From Dr R. G. Hamer’s preface to Giovanna Conti’s book “The Biological Meaning of Music”, Amici di Dirk, 2007.

As she was deepening the understanding of the Germanic New Medicine® (now Germanische Heilkunde®), Giovanna Conti realized that most classical musical works develop the same as the Five Biological Natural Laws discovered by Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer. She recognized that both compositions and their interpretation run together with the SBS Programs (conflicts) experienced by the author and/or the interpreter during their life.

The Second Biological Natural Law represents the  biphasic course of the Significant Biological Special Program which develops along with the music, showing the alternation of sympathicotonic and vagotonic phases (e.g. in Physics, positive/negative; in Harmony, the alternation Dominant/Tonic).

In the book « The Biological Meaning of Music® », Conti analyses masterworks by Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin, but also the little song Mein Studentenmädchen composed by Dr. Hamer a few years before discovering the Germanic New Medicine®. Simple and well proportioned, Dr Hamer’s song becomes a perfect sample for the archaic melody from the point of view of the Five Biological Laws.

From the comparison between music and the Five Biological Natural Laws, something evident comes into sight: as we can’t consider our favorite masterworks as “malignant”, so we shouldn’t speak of “malady” anymore. We should rather speak of phenomena as the way the Significant Biological Special Programs show themselves through living beings!