« When breaking the dams of the so-called “science” (without conscience), all knowledge and insights can spreads out, allowing new connections between fantastic and scientific methods. »

From Giuseppe Sartori’s preface to Giovanna Conti’s book “Phenomethology of Music”, Azzali, 2012.

After a six-year collaboration with Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, Giovanna Conti develops Phenomethology of Music, a new method for performing music where The Biological Meaning of Music® is mixed together with her teacher’s heritage - Phenomenology of Piano Technique - and the basic principles of Human Ethology.

The “phenomethological method” is respectful of what Nature arouses in the human being (interpreter) as a phenomenon, as the manifestation of Cosmic principles that want the Mankind to develop according to criteria of proportion and harmony, rather than those of “malady” and “disfunction” promoted and spread out by the academic system mainly based on dogmas and statistics.

In Phenomethology of Music interpreters are seen as the phenomenon, where psyche-brain-muscle activity, behavioral archaic model and the sound they produce run along with the course of the Cosmos. Giuseppe Sartori, Italian author of best-selling Education books, writes in the preface to Giovanna Conti’s essay: « Giovanna links the teachings of his father - «If you really want to understand how things work, never forget that we live within a magnetic field» - with the German New Medicine, the heritage of Caramuta and her own musical experience. And there's also a “walk” among the stars... »

Last but not least, in the “phenomethological method”, the logarithmic spiral is considered as well playing a fundamental role in stars dynamics, cells behavior and music proportions.

So-called “maria” (lunar seas), similar to ulcer restitution phase, often diagnosed as ”malignant” or “skin cancer” and treated and/or removed.

Spiral shaped ulceration (neurodermite) = beginning of a separation conflict healing phase.

According to Phenomethology, a conscious ritualization of those behavioral archaic models that develop along with SBS programs offers the opportunity to get involved with the Cosmic criterion both to the interpreter and the audience, making them able to share purposes belonging to the human species since the dawn of time.

Graphical representation of the logarithmic spiral hidden in Debussy’s “Clair de lune”. Like in ulceration processes, in lunar and terrestrial sees, in Hamer focus (visible at the CT scan) and even in music, we observe that any transformation (living) process takes the shape of a logarithmic spiral.