« Playing, praying, singing, whistling, mantring, dancing… From the point of view of The Biological Meaning of Music, all this becomes a way of consciously getting in contact with the energy of the universe, with God, with the Gods and the Goddesses or with the Humankind, depending on who/what we trust in. And we players, composers, musicians in general, are those who can make visible this link through a meaningful interpretation, “respecting ourselves as bio-psycho-social phenomena” – as my teacher, Américo Caramuta, used to say. That said, I try to be a pianist. »

Taken from: Giovanna Conti, Lecture-concert at the ReNew Life Healing Center, USA, 2015.

Giovanna Conti, improvisation on “Mein Studentenmädchen”, Parma Conservatory of Music, 2011.